Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Move | Part 2

I really should rename this personal series of blog posts "Our Walks" because the weather in Boston has been ridiculously AMAZING and that seems to be all that I'm doing ... walking with the dogs!!!! I really do love this city when it's not freezing. No matter which part of Boston you live in there are parks all around you. We frequent Dorchester Park since it's half a mile from us and is dog friendly. Every time we go we make "30-second" friends ... you know, the friends that only last for a hot second and then they are back to their everyday lives that don't have anything to do with you. We made quite a few of those friends today and at one point I'm pretty sure Moose was asking some little 2 year old girl to take him home with her. Layla decided that she wanted to roll around in the dirt again and was so proud of herself when she was done. I really think that I'm going to miss these parks more than anything. Arnold Arboretum is probably my most favorite park!!!!! It's close to our house but not close enough to walk and if Moose wasn't such a sissy we'd hop right on a bus and go to it everyday! There's also Jamaica Pond right around the corner from the Arboretum. That's the first place that Moose ever went for real swimming .... I was freakishly proud of him that day. There's also the Blue Hills Reservation that's about a 10 minute drive from us and that place is super cool!!!!! Anyways, today I didn't have any issues getting Moose to walk to the park (because I'm an amazing dog whisperer) ... it was leaving the park that was an issue. We had to walk around the loop twice before he would leave!

I know that we have a greenway right across the street from us in Greenville, but it's not the same. Maybe one day they will stop building all of those empty office spaces and restaurants and focus on giving the community more parks.