Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Frozen Doggy Treats | Photographer | Lifestyle

I don't usually let them on the sofa, but when I walked into the living room and saw this I just couldn't get mad. They look like they need a little bit of a pick me up, don't they? Well lucky for them I had just  had a recipe forwarded to me by my big sister ... Frozen yogurt treats! She must have been reading my mind because I totally had just looked in the fridge and glanced at this huge tub of yogurt wondering what in the hell I was gonna do with it. Now, I know that yogurt is good for you and I buy it with the intention of making myself like it, but I just can't. Remember that show "You Can't Do That On Television"? I think of yogurt like the slime that they used to dump on peoples heads ... yuck. The dogs love that stuff though! So, this is all you have to do to make your 4-legged kids mucho happy:

Delish and healthy Frozen Dog Treats

1. Mash up your bananas that are too soggy for you to want to eat anymore
2. Put bananas, yogurt and yummy peanut butter in the blender
3. Blend (some people really need to see this step posted)
4. Pour mixture into empty ice trays and freeze
5. When frozen give to smiling dogs ;)

Now i guess that you could put a popsicle stick in the end of these and give the to your 2-legged kids if you like, but I don't have any of those, so more for the dogs!!!

Note: Greek yogurt is where it's at for those of you that think that regular yogurt is too slime-like.


Hahahahahaha!!!!! Look at those faces!