Friday, March 9, 2012

FASHION!!! | Children's Photographer | North Carolina

Y'all know the cute little freckle-faced girl with super gorgeous red curly hair that's been up on the blog quite a few times??!??! Well, Courtney with CourtneyCourtney Designs has asked her to be a model for some of her pieces!!! This little gal is over the moon about being selected by a company that we didn't get in touch with what-so-ever ... she was just seen through my work and chosen!

I'll be taking these photos once we get back to North Carolina and after they've been submitted y'all will be able to see all the cuteness that we catch!

You can sign-up through your e-mail to get in on CourtneyCourtney's super cute clothing by visiting her blog. Every single one of her pieces are ONE OF A KIND!!!!!

And, again, congrats to this little lady!!!

(She is wearing Lilly Pulitzer in this photo, not CourtneyCourtney)