Monday, March 12, 2012

The Move | Part 1

We are picking up our 16 footer Budget truck in exactly one week and heading out in exactly one week + one day. I have been left this week to pack up most everything solo and am pretty confident that I can do it while at the same time pretty doubtful that I can do it. Do I really have to pull a "Monica" and be super organized in the packing process and label everything??? Is it acceptable to leave things in drawers ... I mean, the drawers have to come with us, so, that's cool, right? If so, then this house is almost totally packed!!!

Here are a few iPhone photos of the only things that I can seem to find in our home.

Oh!!! Did I mention that i didn't do a whole lot of packing today? I just took those pics and then stepped outside to enjoy the beginning of my last full week in Boston ... It was gorgeous and everyone else was doing it, guys. 

Our day in the sun started off with me spending 30-ish minutes trying to get Moose to go on a walk to the park. I used to think he had arthritis, but now I just think that he has some f'ed up mental issues. Not sure where they came from, but I totally had to Dog Whisper him to walk down our street ... with a slice of pizza ... and it STILL took forever! The park was really nice once we finally got there. Since it's a Monday there weren't any rebellious teenagers drinking beer out there and peeing in the wide open spaces for all of us to see. We played fetch for a hot minute and then the fatty pups were over it. So, we took a breather before the walk home and Layla decided that this was the perfect time to roll around in the dirt and grass ... she looked so lovely afterwards :P

Anyhoo, we walked home and I then ran to the corner store to get some stuff to make this thing that I saw on Pinterest the other day. It's fried rice, but I'm making it with Spanish white rice because that's all they had.  We'll see how that one pans out ... and yes, I had no idea how to make fried rice until Pinterest. I also picked up  some coconut soda because it just seemed like this would be the perfect day to check it out. Well, it's pretty much carbonated sugar water, y'all. Don't buy it unless if you have some vodka to put in it ... Sadly, we don't have any. This is also a drink that you should never let your children have ... unless if you aren't gonna take them out in public and for some reason love your children why they are out of their minds jacked up on caffeine.

This move is possibly making me a little nutty.

This post is filled with sarcasm and is meant to be funny.