Monday, November 14, 2011

A Linden Place Wedding | Rhode Island

This was, by far, one of my favorite wedding this past summer!!!!! The ceremony and reception took place in the same venue, Linden Place, which happens to be one of the Barrymore, as in Drew Barrymore, families estates in Rhode Island ... A GORGEOUS home!!!!!!!!! 

The third floor is blocked off, but I took a little sneak peak and have decided that it should be used as storage anymore. There is a room up there that I can only imagine as was a dressing room since all of the walls were mirrors and there were 2 small chandaliers hanging from the ceiling. PLEASE take the Christmas decorations out of there, Linden Place faculty!!!!! 

Anyways, The bride was just as gorgeous, if not more, than the home. Her dress was perfect, her hair was to die for and her make-up was model worthy! This couple decided to do a first look and that turned out to be an amazing decision on their part! Due to traffic almost all of their attendees were almost an hour late, so we were able to use that time and light  to be able to capture some wonderful pictures for them and their families to cherish for generations to come! Also, Her husbands band played at the reception and he joined in for a bit of the performance!

A HUGE thanks to Sarah Kristiansen for allowing me to second shoot for her on this grand occasion!

Y'all enjoy the photos ;)