Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bye-Bye Beantown and a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!

It's official ... We're headed back to the South!!!!!!

After mucho consideration John and I have decided to give things a go back in North Carolina!

John's gonna get to know my crazy, outgoing, imaginative, silly, straightforward, fearless nieces way better than he has the past year and a half over Skype! If y'all follow me on Facebook you know that those girls are dear to my heart and I have missed them SOOOOO much!!!!

So, this move is going to happen really soon, like, in a month! CRAZY, huh??!?!!???!! That's how we roll ;)

Since I'm moving my business back home I'd love for y'all to help me get the word out!!!! And with something as big as a long distance move comes a session special just in time for Easter ;)

Half of the proceeds from the Homecoming Session packages will go to the Invisible Children organization and you can read more about that mission here.

As stated in the title of this post there is also a giveaway!!!!! One lucky person (in the locations listed above) is going to get this special and everything that's included for FREE!!!!!!!!! There are just a few simple things that you need to do to be entered:

1. Share this post on your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest

2. Become a fan of my facebook page and share it with your friends and family, but be sure to tag Court A. Kerr Photography in your post :)

3. I LOVE to laugh and I want you to comment below with a funny real life story about your family ... grandparents, kids, spouse, and pets are the topic of conversation here, guys!

A RANDOM drawing will take place the day after the contest ends by

You MUST do all three tasks (share, like, and give a story) in order to be entered!!!!!!!

REAL LIFE is meant to make you laugh!!!

This contest lasts until 3.7.12 ... That's exactly two weeks to make us laugh so hard that we cry ;)

***This package is for immediate families and couples only; no cousins, aunts, uncles, 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th cousins, neighbors, stray animals, mailmen ... you get the drift***