Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mini Albums and Session Giveaway News | North Carolina Family Photographer

Hi, guys!!!!! I hope that all of y'all are having a good laugh with your significant other, parent, sibling, or friend while thinking about which HILARIOUS story you want to enter for the Homecoming Session GIVEAWAY!!!!!! Remember to grab a notepad and pen so that you can write some of these memories down! I know that everyone talks about recording their families stories and memories, but life doesn't always let you slow down long enough to remember to do it. THIS is the perfect opportunity for you to do just that! 

I've extended the submission date so that y'all don't feel overwhelmed when deciding on your story AND it's no longer judged!!!!! A winner win be randomly selected by ... so, get to posting, y'all!!! I am the WORST story teller there is ... my friends and family will totally back me up on that one! I've learned to keep 'em short or tell them through a picture! If you have an image with a great story behind it SUBMIT it!!!! Tell me that story and post a link to the image with it! If you want to do what these parents did and have you kids tell the story through an audio recording (or you could do a video) do it! Feel free to get creative and make this fun!

I want to get to know y'alls families on a more personal level so that your images tell a story to generations to come :)

NOW to the mini albums!!!!!!

These little guys measure 4x4 and come in sets of two (valued at $180). That means that you get one to keep for yourself as the chicest brag book around and one for a Grandparent, sibling, Godparent, Friend, or to one of your kids so that they can proudly show off their family ;)

These come with leather covers, lay-flat binding, and are printed photographically (printed on actual photographic paper)

Below are a few examples of these sweet little product...