Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lord Thompson Manor | CT | Same Sex Marriage | Wedding Photography

Here's another on of those "more gorgeous than imaginable" weddings!!! This couple was amazingly funny and loving! Their wedding was a 3 day event shared by friends and family. Everyone stayed at the venue, Lord Thompson Manor, as well as it's sister venue, The Cottage House. Both of these places were decorated to the nines and their staff were very catering! Both of these venues have quite a history to them and you can read more about them on their sites!

This couple just moved to NC from New England because on of them is enlisted in our nation's service :) They both had decided to do a first look in order to calm their nerves before the actual ceremony. There were several traditions that took place such as a broom jump and a sorority sing (that last one totally made me cry!).  

I am totally thankful to Nasilele for letting me work with her and this wonderful couple on this gorgeous day!!! This bride wanted us to be just as much a part of her wedding day as she did her friends and family ... so much that she threatened our friendship if I left and didn't take a slice of each cake with me!!!


Dancing in slippers might mean that the night is coming to an end....