Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Bully Loving Babe | Greenville, North Carolina | Pet Photographer

If y'all have been following my work for a while I'm sure that you've notice all the super hot photos for Set. Salon! Well, we were able to get together the last time that I was in NC and do a personal shoot for Su, the salon owner, and her parents. Susan, is gonna be starting off 2012 in BIG ways ... she's packing things up and moving her life to San Francisco!!! 

Susan is one of the most courageous, giving, loving, non-judgemental, and fun girls that I know! She is making a huge and selfless decision to leave her dogs with her parents in NC because miss Gemma girl is no city dog and Su can't imagine separating the two canine soul sister's. Not to mention the lack of time she will have to take care of them in order to get her foot in the door there. She will keep working to help bully breeds get into the homes that they deserve by volunteering her free time to local bully organizations when she gets there, though! She has dedicated tons of her time and energy the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina and the animals that they take in. Y'all checkout the Humane Hunnies calender that she and Moxie Promotions put together! 100% of the proceeds go right to the HSEC!!!!

Every time I would walk into her salon I would meet a new and amazing person or run into great friends that I already had. This place is seriously just like the salon in Steel Magnolias ... just with a more edgy crowd. It really feels like a second home every time you walk in the door.  Su, we are gonna miss you so much in NC. 

You are truly one of a kind and I am blessed to have you as a friend!!!!!