Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Credit Cards Accepted and Quality Given | North Carolina Photographer

I announced this on Facebook a couple of months ago, but thought I'd let the blog readers know as well ...  Court Kerr Photography is now accepting all major credit cards!!! Investing in quality when it comes to your families memories isn't cheap, so, we're making things easier for ya! 

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after low pricing is forgotten."

I haven't once invested in a brand that portrays timelessness and class and felt like my money was not well spent. Your family deserves more than the "bargain" photographer because photographs last for generations. When you buy items knowing that they will be passed down (i.e. china, silver, jewelry) do you look for the "bargain" items? Do you hold onto a bottle of "two buck chuck" from Trader Joe's for a special occasion? Do you get your hair done by someone at Supercuts??!!? Did y'all know that Walmart charges approx. $40 for an 8x10 photograph from their portrait studio??!?! If you're photographer is charging less than that you might want to question the quality...   

I've listed a few examples of "luxury" items that can take away from investing in amazing portraits for you family: 

A $2 coffee from Starbucks (if that even exists) every day for a year = $730 (w/o tax)
$50 spent eating out once a week for a year = $2,600 (w/o tax or tip)
1 GORGEOUS dress by Milly = $450 (w/o tax)
2 bottles of Essie nail polish every month for a whole year = $192 (w/o tax)
Bowling once a month with the family = CRAZY expensive

I'm not saying that you should never stop at Starbucks or go out to eat, but maybe cut back on doing it. AND that's only ONE dress ... I would never tell you to not spice up your wardrobe at all ... that would be heartbreaking! And, personally, I'm not at the point where I can not buy a couple bottles of nail polish every month, but I totally got a FREE bottle from CVS the other day because their records show that I LOVE it! As for family activities, get a Pinterest account!!!!! Your kids just want to spend time with you ;)

I know that there are times where you find that quality item at a great price!!!!! You know what I say to that? JUMP ON IT!!!!! You will never regret coming across a rare deal and making it yours! You will, and I know this from experience, regret NOT taking advantage of the opportunity that is put in front of you.