Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mischa | Durham, NC | North Carolina Maternity Photographer

There are only a few portrait sessions where every photograph deserves to be in black and white. This is one of those sessions.

Mischa was sent to me by one of my old friends who is now a birth doula at Creating Your Calm in Chapel Hill, NC. She is a pilates-based physical therapist and part owner at InsideOut Body Therapies in Durham. Cool, right??!!?! Well, it continues to get cooler. Her husband is a classically trained singer and made it to Hollywood on American Idol a couple of years ago! And he's a personal trainer as well as a bartender. So, really this baby is going to come out gorgeous, strong, super smart, a people person, and multi-talented ;)

On the day that we did Mischa's session it was about 127 degrees and humid out, but it did not phase this mama one bit. She was completely calm and into the whole thing. She is my role model ;) 

When looking through her photographs I just visualized each and every one of them in a very simple and classic black and white. I felt that any color would be a distraction from how simply beautiful Mischa is at this point in her pregnancy.     

Y'all enjoy :)