Monday, July 1, 2013

Baby Noah | North Carolina Family Photographer

This little guy is so completely blessed to have been given the family that he has just as much as they are completely blessed to have been given him and I am blessed that they chose me to photograph the first year of their lives together :)

After years of trying to add to their family this extremely patient couple were given Noah. They were given his ten little toes, his ten little fingers, his amazing curly mohawk, his gorgeous eyes, his kissable little lips, and his amazing little smile. Right after meeting the whole family I felt as though all three of these individuals were meant to share their lives together. This was God's plan for them.

This was the first of Noah's four sessions with me this year and it was only suiting that it took place on his Dad's very first Father's Day :)

* this was the sunset after our session and it was just as beautiful as they are as a family *