Friday, July 19, 2013

Abbey | Cary, NC | North Carolina Pet Photographer

This past 4th of July morning I met Sam and her girl, Abbey, in downtown Cary for a session. We were so lucky to have the area completely to ourselves because Abbey loves getting attention from any human that walks past her!!! Sam adopted Abbey several years ago from the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina where she also happened to work as an animal care technician and receptionist. Her and I both share a huge passion for adopting from shelters and organizations like the Humane Society. There are so many animals out there that are actually in need of homes and are waiting in these places for someone to come and love them forever. If you are at all interested in bringing an animal into your home to be a part of your family I strongly encourage you to look at you shelters or on before going to a breeder :)

Also, remember your furry family members during this summer heat!!! Keep them hydrated, indoors if possible, and DO NOT leave them in a car!