Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Professional Headshots | Fine Art Portrait Photographer

Does your professional headshot portray you in a way that best represents your business? Does it attract the clientele that believe that you don't skimp on quality? Do you think that it portrays you as really are?

A great headshot captures your personality and makes people want to get to know you better. If real joyful emotion is shown in your photograph then most people are going to automatically like you more ... without even meeting you ;) You know that you've stumbled on several sites (i.e. professional business sites, blogs, Linkedin, Facebook fan pages, Etsy) and been persuaded by the individuals photograph in either a "dang, that's a great picture maybe i'll check out their stuff for a little bit" or a "hmmmm ... neeeeeeext" sort of way. I'll admit that I do it all of the time.  

There is a bit of planning on both my part and the professionals part when it comes to planning these sessions. If you are interested in having the photographs that will keep people interested in what you have to offer and remembering you then message me for more details on setting up a session :)