Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Birthday Celebration | Life

Today is one of my favorite person's birthdays.  

About 14-ish years ago my Dad and I were having a hard time understanding one another (a typical teenage life problem), so, I said, "Adios" to the beach life moved in with my sister, brother-in-law, and their new little lady. I hadn't spent much time with this little person and didn't quite expect her to become such a huge part of my heart. She spent lots of time hanging out in my room and would never question me if I asked her to sneak us oreo cookies and salt and vinegar chips ... she was little and could move around the house less obviously than myself. She was my first "model" when I got into photography while I was in high school. The portrait of her below is one of my first and one of my faves. I have no idea where the negative to this photo is, but scanned the print that I have held onto for all of these years so that if (God forbid) anything happens I will still have this memory to look back on. The expression she has in this photo is so grown-up, but the little specks of glitter on her face make your heart melt. 

 It's hard to believe that this once little girl is now a young woman. She is an amazing cook, super smart, gorgeous, proud to be from the south, still loves boy bands, way into fashion, loves her ECU Pirates, can put on her make-up way better than I can do mine, adores her friends, and loves her little sisters. I am so proud to be her Aunt and wish her all the best on her 15th birthday :)