Friday, May 11, 2012

My Personal Assistant | North Carolina Lifestyle Photographer

This is gonna be a busy weekend!!!! To start off we're gonna wrap up our final shoot for courtneycourtney this evening with my favorite 8 year old!!! Following this shoot she's gonna be my little assistant for the Daily Reflector's "Scene Around" at the D.H. Conley Baseball and Softball game this evening and then again for the 3rd Annual Greenville Rec Run & Kids Dash early tomorrow morning. My nieces are such helpers that if I even just a little bit mention to one of them the possibility of maybe being able to "assist" me at a shoot they start arguing over who's turn it is. They have learned so much from being able to tag along with me to work and it shows in the photos of themselves as well as the ideas they give me for photos. They are little gorgeous genius'.

I got a phone call from the ginger one yesterday and as soon as she started talking I could tell that she was up to something. She had decided that since we had such a busy evening and morning coming up that it would make more sense for us to have a sleepover ... instead of my driving 5 minutes to pick her up ;) 

So, bring it on, weekend, because I have a personal assistant that's gonna help me kick your butt!!!!!