Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Maternity Discount!!!!!!

I KNOW that there are plenty of pregnant women out there b/c I have a lot of baby shoots coming up and some of these babies haven't even been born yet!!! I'm dying to do some maternity shoots & I know that towards the end of the pregnancy you're not feeling all that attractive, but believe me, you're gorgeous! It's so easy to put on a flowy dress or your favorite button up that belong to your husband and step into some natural light for a quick shoot that will give you pictures that WILL last a lifetime!!

I will offer 25% off all maternity shoots as long as you email me 3 dates that will work for you and actually book the shoot before June 15th. This doesn't mean that the pictures have to be taken by June 15th. That's the end of the sale date. I will also be at the beach for a bit next week if you'd like to have your maternity pictures taken there and since I'll already be there I will not charge the travel fee!

Also, if you're not pregnant, but know someone that is and refer them to me for a maternity shoot you will also receive 25% off of a full shoot!!!!!!!!! So, go ahead and forward this to your expectant friends :)