Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ashley's Growing Belly Collection | 14 Weeks | North Carolina Maternity Photographer

Guess who's pregnant??!!?!?!?!?!!!

My BFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay!!! Ash is 14 weeks along with her new little baby and I am so excited! This little guy or gal is about the size of a lemon right now and has doubled in weight just since last week! He or she may even be sucking it's thumb in this stage of it's developmental process .. cute, right??!?!!? Ashley's Growing Belly Collection will have the fruit and vegetable theme throughout the whole series. This theme made complete sense for her because she has become quite the farmer and chef :) She also loves supporting local farmers and eateries and will talk you up to everyone she meets if she enjoys your product!!

We are also going to have her little girl involved in this series so we can watch how much she grows during her 2nd year! So, y'all keep an eye out for these two ladies every couple of weeks on the blog :)