Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ainsley | Life

Someone is turning 13 TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time has flown by and Ainsley has become a teenager. I remember the days when all she wanted to do was sit in your lap and cuddle while sucking her thumb and twirling her hair with her pointer finger. There were def times that we had to cut her hair from that pointer finger because it had become so entangled. She also used to walk around with this fake cell phone and call it her "cella phone" ... "Call me on my cella phone, Aunt Court" :) And boy did she LOVE some Bob Marley and The Grateful Dead's "Tennessee Jed". LOVED it! She loved music in general. The summer that Ludacris' "Move B-word (Get Out the Way)" came out she edited to relate to her own life by throwing in her big sister's name, thus singing "Move, Bairdy. Get out the way. Get out the way, Bairdy. Get out the way" ... Genius. She is the only one of her sister's that didn't cuss when she was little. Not that the other's had mouths like sailors! Once I was talking to her mom or one of my girlfriend's, while Ains was close by, about this awful roommate that I used to have. Since I knew she was within an earshot I used my words carefully ... or so I thought. I told the other person about how this roommate called me a "witch" (but really she started that word with a "b" instead of a "w") and right away Ains started asking questions. I'm pretty sure Ainsley thought that I practiced magic for a couple of years following that incident...

I could go on and on with stories about this sweet little girl, but what I really want to say more than anything is that she has turned into such a great young woman and I am beyond proud to be her Aunt :)

Love you, Ains!!!!!!

Aunt Court

Now it's photo tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime ;)

Ains LOVES to model ... she actually begs for sessions of her own. She's a natural.

I mean, look at these two poses she came up with herself (circa: before digital). Classic and edgy. Can we say "prodigy"???

And here are some of the two of us just being cool (top left to right): This one was just after my wreck so half of my face was paralyzed, but Ains didn't care about my creepiness ... she just loved me. This next one was at Battle of the Bands on ECU's campus ... She was a dancing machine. Numero three is one when we visited them at Camp Seafarer ... I almost squeezed her to death this day. And the last is at our fave hangout spot, Chico's (the Mexican restaurant, not the store) :)

And this is her and Moose from the beginning up to the present. Buddies fo' life.

Happy birthday, sharkbait!!!!!!!!