Saturday, April 9, 2011

My BFF and Her Belly . Greenville, NC

After two weeks of being back home I FINALLY got the chance to photograph my best friend, Ashley, and her growing belly. I had totally thought that the weather back in Greenville was going to be gorgeous 100% of the time ... only because I used peoples facebook posts to determine the weather. Apparently, the weather changes and facebook people will most likely not let you know the upcoming weather forecast. It was cold and rainy!!!!! So, we pretty much had to wait until the day before I flew out to have the session. Lesson learned. Anyways, back to how excited I am for her and Luke. This couple loves the water so much that I'm pretty sure she's gonna come out with flippers and goggles ready to hit the water. I can't wait to do the newborn pictures ... I have a few artsy-fartsy ideas up my sleeve ;)

Congratulations, guys. Y'all are going to be absolutely wonderful parents!!!!