Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Little Curly Redhead

This is one of my favorite models. She is willing to do just about anything that I ask, comes into the session with ideas of her own and knows how to work it! She hugs me often and tells me how much she loves me more than often. Her alter ego is a cat, "Grand Meow-Meow", and she will hiss at you when she is displeased about something. She knows the names to all sorts of trees, flowers and birds and will tell you how beautiful all of them are. She is quite concerned about how all of the trees are being chopped down because they give us air to breathe and aren't doing anything to hurt us. When choosing to ride in my Jeep or the little red truck of my mom's that I'm using (my Jeep doesn't have A/C ) she will choose the little red truck ... not because it has A/C, but because there are itty bitty fold down seats in the back that are "super cool". She LOVES arts and crafts!!! Everytime I see here she has made me something new and sometimes she will wrap it up so nicely that I don't even want to open it. She's been caught using grown-up words a few times, but uses them in the correct context ... "There's a big-ass roach!!!" ... we can't help but laugh a little out loud and a lot talking about it later on, but still remind her that she is not a grown-up and cannot use grown-up words. She started 1st grade today and it feels weird not getting that 9:30-ish phone call from her and the 17 other phone calls that come afterwards.
This little curly redhead is full of knowledge, spirit, wittiness and love and I more than honored to be her Aunt :)